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Ubigel è un dispositivo medico indicato come coadiuvante nel trattamento delle parodontiti.

Ubigel is a medical device indicated as an adjuvant in the
treatment of periodontitis.

UBIGEL INPERIO is a gel containing a complex of
Spermidine, Alginate, Sodium hyaluronate and alcohol with strong antibacterial power

  • Sodium alginate, polymer of natural origin, is a powerful mucus adhesive favoring tissue repair and cellular trophism.

  • Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), has regeneration and anti-inflammator.


Is a physiological substance, present in any living cell
including periodontal tissues
Its deficiency causes inflammatory events , while the restoration of its physiological levels, promotes the trophic effect and regeneration of connective, bone and dental tissues .

How it works

UBIGEL creates a ”soft cement” inside the periodontal pocket wich activates the following physical actions:

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Occlusive action

with the purpose of preventing the infiltration of food residues that increase infection;

Sealing action

against bacterial spread thanks to the mucus-adhesive properties of polymeric components;

Mechanical abrasive action

on the bacterial film of periodontal pocket to reduce or eliminate its presence;

Mechanotransduction action

stimulates fibroblasts compromised by inflammation, promotes the exchange and production of proteins and activates cell regeneration determining the healing process from periodontitis.

The Line


(single dose, single use)

For one periodontal pocket.


(multi-dose, disposable)

For the treatment of multiple gum site in the same sitting.

Two gels in one product with double action

  • GEL A - SSpermidine, Alginate and Hyaluronate
    With trophic function, it favors the reparative processes.

  • GEL B - Calcium chloride solution
    With fixative function, avoids the ”invasive” action of saliva.

UBIGEL Inperio creates a protective layer on the surface of the treatment area, helping to restore the physiological levels of the mucous membrane, promoting tissue regeneration.

Ready to use

  • FIRST STEP (blu gel):
    Put Gel A into the periodontal pouch through the irrigation needle, until it touches the bottom and distribute the gel until the pouch is filled.

  • SECOND STEP (red gel):
    After using Gel A put in Gel B until the periodontal pocket is closed .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? We have an answer.

Where can I buy Ubigel?

Ubigel Inperio® is available at your trusted dealer or by contacting Pierrel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ubigel Inperio is a medical device?

Yes; Ubigel is a Class 2A Medical Device

I can use ubigel on the bleeding gum?

Ubigel can be applied in bleeding gum sites after tamponade of the bleeding point.

Can treatment with Ubigel be repeated at the same gum sites?

Ubigel can be applied at the same gum sites up to 3 times, at a distance of a week from one application and the other, depending on the severity of the pathology.

What should you do at the first treatment with Ubigel?

Perform appropriate procedures of detartrasi and curettage of the periodontal pocket.

What should I do with Ubigel?

Remove residues from the previous application of Ubigel without repeating the gingival cleaning.

Can the patient perform oral hygiene at home after applying Ubigel?

The patient must avoid oral hygiene for a few hours after treatment with UBIGEL Inperio, then he can resume cleaning his teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush.

Can the patient follow normal feeding after applying Ubigel?

After the application of Ubigel there are no food contraindications but it should be recommended to the patient to avoid chewing hard foods that can cause trauma to the gingiva.