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Italian quality and innovation for oral health.

Since 1948, Pierrel is a pharmaceutical company cbased in Capua (near Naples), specialized in the development, production, registration and licensing of dental anesthetics and medical devices for oral health.
Over the years, Pierrel’s core business has been focused on the production, registration and marketing of dental anesthetics with Pierrel brands: Ubisestin™, Xylestesin™, Mepivastesin™, Orabloc, Piercaine, Articaina e Mepivacaina Pierrel, registered in the main world markets.
Thanks to the FDA’s approval of the production site Pierrel has a significant market share in the USA and many markets authorizations worldwide.

Pierrel is authorized by the EMA and FDA for the production of injectable drugs.
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The marketing of medical devices is based on the idea of making innovations accessible to oral health professionals. Pierrel has been engaged over the years in a constant process of scouting the best solutions for dentists in collaboration with universities and research institutions.
Pierrel takes care of the patent aspect, the process of industrialization and the consequent placing on the market of products with a degree of innovation to meet the needs of patients and the satisfaction of professionals.