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Periodontitis treatment simplified with Ubigel

26 January 2024
January 12, 2017

Dental Sky shares some advice for treating periodontitis, including its new non-surgical solution for regeneration the oral mucosa.

Managing periodontitis is challenging. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the chances are of preventing tooth loss and/or more serious systemic diseases.
Dental Sky is excited to launch Ubigel, a Class II A medical device that’s a therapy adjunct rather than a treatment. As such it is very much in keeping with the move towards more minimally invasive treatments. It may be used by both periodontists and hygienists.

How does Ubigel treat periodontitis?

Ubigel works by creating a covering inside the periodontal pocket, thus preventing food infiltration that will exacerbate the infection. Its antibacterial properties reduce or eliminate the bacterial film of the pocket. The sealing action of the components prevents bacterial spread.
The product is available as either a 0.25ml single dose, for use in one periodontal pocket, or in a 1ml multi-dose format for treating multiple sites during the same appointment.

The product is easy to use.
Two gels are contained within each pack.
Gel A (containing alginate, hyaluronate and spermidine) should be applied to the periodontal pocket first using the irrigation needle supplied. Once the pocket has been filled, the second step is to apply Gel B to seal the periodontal pocket.